Introducing the Social Activity Index

Measuring the effectiveness of social activity advertising

appssavvy social activity index:
equivalent display impressions
Social Activity Advertising outperforms banners by 11x and richmedia by2x

April, 2011

Research released by appssavvy finds that advertising integrated into the social activities occurring across social games, applications and web sites, is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

The appssavvy report: Social Activity Index - Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Advertising found social activity advertising rivals paid search in terms of effectiveness, outperforms standard display ads by a multiple of 11 and doubles the performance of rich media.

Performance is measured and based on data from appssavvy spanning hundreds of U.S. social activity campaigns in 2010.

Report Includes:

  • Definition of Social Activity types and metrics
  • Social Activity compared to other forms of online advertising
  • Performance by Social Activity Type
  • Social Activity Ad performance benchmarks
  • Best practices in Social Activity Advertising
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